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Test a page upload time in real time!

BlueHost CloudWays test page 2020


BlueHost VS CloudWays Speedtest 2020

By Pierre Shapiro

Test it yourself!

Welcome to BlueHost VS CloudWays Speedtest 2020!


As you will notice, not all hosting companies offer the same download speed in their usual plans.

The pages in our BlueHost VS CloudWays Speedtest 2020 are identical. They are intentionally NOT optimized as you will see from the GtMetrix images. It is so on purpose as they take longer to load.

Start your timer and click on the links.

The 2 test pages are identical.

The pages linked on this BlueHost VS CloudWays Speedtest 2020 are identical. They are intentionally NOT optimized and very loaded as you can see from these GtMetrix images.

DoubleClick by Google found 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load.”

The small weight difference between the bluehost and cloudways pages in the BlueHost VS CloudWays Speedtest 2020 comes from different WordPress dashboard settings.

The test results are not surprising because the two types of server don’t even compare. Cloudways delivers Ultimate Managed Cloud Solution for your Website!

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Performance is about the user experience.

After tweaking my website to a A A, 1.8 sec. on GTMetrix, I was surprised to see that my pages were still taking 5-6 seconds to download. I contacted Bluehost tech service, but there was nothing they could do. Their servers just don’t deliver. 

Here is a part of the answer I receive from their technical department. BlueHost considers 4-6 seconds as a good speed!

I moved to Cloudways after receiving this letter from Bluehost…

hello letter bluehost
DoubleClick by Google found that 53% of mobile site visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load.

Here is my story.

I am a website designer and since I offer free hosting for a year to all my clients, I was looking for a hosting solution that would allow me to host many websites on my server space without paying extra.

After a long search on blogs that were more motivated (I learned later) in getting affiliate return money from their referral to Bluehost… I fell down that trap… like many others. I signed for a 3 years Bluehost plan.

Since then, I moved my websites to another hosting company, Cloudways. I can host at least 2 WordPress Woocommerce websites on the minimal plan at 10$/month, with no contract. I need fast servers and this company delivers. The service is great (as good as Bluehost, I would say) and I am very happy there!

So being stuck now with unlimited space for 2 more years I decided to turn a sad situation into a useful one and create a real time testing page.

If you can wait more than 4 seconds for your page to download, ” Bluehost is for you!

If you can’t wait that long, go to Cloudways! Try it for free, no credit card required.

By now, the choice should be clear...

The websites used in that demo were created in a few minutes with demo blocks templates included with the page builder Elementor. 

Elementor is a revolutionary and amazing tool to create complete professional websites and online stores in a matter of hours.

By the way, this page is hosted on Cloudways. 🙂

If you need help in your transfer, send me an email.


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